Kiousis Law Firm provides comprehensive counsel to telecommunications companies, and wireless network providers on all aspects of telecommunications matters including: state and federal regulations, including the Michigan Telecommunications Act, interconnection agreements; and general business matters.

Kiousis Law Firm also has extensive experience reviewing, drafting, and negotiating telecommunications-related leases between public and private entities, including cell tower leases. Kiousis Law Firm’s acquisition services are delivered by a team of licensed professionals including attorneys, licensed real estate brokers, permit expediters and experienced site development experts. Kiousis Law Firm provides the following services:

  • Site acquisition
  • Leasing
  • Zoning
  • Permitting

Site Acquisition

Kiousis Law Firm, specializes in wireless communications site acquisition. Kiousis Law Firm attorneys and real estate professionals assist the Client to efficiently choose sites, negotiate leases and lease amendments, and provide timely,thorough communications on site options to clients.


Kiousis Law Firm’s experienced and expert team of legal and real estate professionals consistently delivers results and cost savings for our clients. Kiousis Law Firm’s leasing team can expertly:

  • Negotiate favorable business terms and secure a primary lease
  • Obtain secondary leases and any necessary easements
  • Prepare lease renewals and modifications
  • Obtain approval of all lease exhibits and construction drawings
  • Draft lease amendments for network upgrades
  • Provide lease submittal checklists containing all necessary documentation for client legal and business approval


Kiousis Law Firm offers complete zoning services, from initial assessment through the public hearing process. Our Attorneys understand the importance of speed and cost when procuring a lease, therefore we work hard to quickly and efficiently complete the zoning phase of the project.

Kiousis Law Firm’s has developed strong relationships within communities, which results in a streamlined zoning process. Kiousis Law Firm’s attorneys expertise in the telecommunication and zoning laws result in expedites zoning approval for our clients. Kiousis Law Firm ‘s zoning team can expertly:

  • Issue lists of required items for zoning filing packages and identify responsible parties
  • Track and manage filing deadlines and hearing dates
  • Prepare and file zoning applications
  • Recommend local experts as may be required for testimony at public hearings
  • Present at public hearings and/or community meetings
  • Coordinate with local counsel on zoning cases
  • Obtain zoning approvals for clients project.


Kiousis Law Firm attorneys expertly navigate the complex building-permit maze, promptly prepare and submit accurate permit applications and related materials, anticipate and trouble shoot permitting issues, negotiate and resolve any permitting issues which may arise and secure swift approvals for our Clients. Kiousis Law Firm attorneys services expertly:

  • Assemble and coordinate the timely submission of building permit applications
  • Provide the general contractor with details regarding registration requirements
  • Expedite the permit timeline through daily contact
  • Deliver all necessary permits to general contractor and client in accordance with code